Accent samples by region:

Selection of accents available for coaching:

International: French, German, Yiddish, Spanish (Mexican or Castilian); Russian, Greek, Dutch, Polish;
African (East Africa - Kenyan, Tanzanian, Rwandan, Ugandan; West Africa - Nigerian, Ghana, and more); Middle Eastern/Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Indian; Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, Italian
Irish, Scottish, British accents: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Cockney, Estuary and more; 

American: Midwestern ("Standard"), Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska; Great Plains, Great Lakes (Fargo, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota);
Southern (Coastal and Inland): Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, South and North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Ozarks - Missouri; Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia;
New York City (all boroughs); Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish); Boston (Southie and Brahmin); Transatlantic accents, New England, Philadelphia "Philly" - many others on request

Foreign languages spoken and available for coaching: German, Spanish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, French, Japanese; also available: American Sign Language

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Dialect Sample Reels:

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