Cartergraphic Method
Accent Game Decks for
Role Play and Performance

Game decks to foster acquisition of the ideal accent for your role on
stage or screen, Rennaissance Faire or SCA character: 

"Received Pronunciation" deck for nobility, 

"Cockney" deck for serfs and peasant class characters.

96-card deck: $80
120-card deck: $100

Each deck contains 12 cards per suit shown, designed to foster the essential accent shifts necessary to achieve the desired speech for fluent improvisational performance.

The "nobility" deck requires 8 suits (96-card deck); the "peasant" set requires 10 (deck = 120 cards).

For performers who wish to learn both accents, the peasant set can be used for both "Cockney" and the "Oxford" upper class accents.

Decks are shipped as a set of 5x7 photo sheets ready to cut (4 cards per sheet).  
Accent game play can use one or more decks with an unlimited number of players.


Be sure to include your mailing address and phone number at time of ordering. 

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